NTE Distributor
Troubleshooting and Testing
ERC technicians perform a more stringent quality control check by using reverse engineering techniques developed and practiced in-house. The method of repair simulates in use conditions and has proven superior to other methods. Each item will be tested before and after repair. Every item received for repair will be checked for physical and electrical damage. This includes repairing/replacing circuit runs, edge connectors, and solders connections. Your item is as good as new when returned from ERC. The majority of our employees have been with us for over 13 years.
Technical Data
We have established an extensive library of schematics and technical data. Availability of technical literature is not a prerequisite to sending items to ERC for repair. However, if we have not repaired an item for you, sending any technical literature with the equipment will save time and money. All Material received will be returned with the repaired item.
Bench testing
Test Equipment
ERC's inventory of test equipment includes those found in any well-run and fully equipped electronics laboratory. This includes scopes, meters, power supplies, signal generators, and motors with brake assemblies for load testing drives. We also utilize test jigs developed in house. We have ability to copy and program: PROMS, PROCESSOR, EEPROMS, PALS, and others. We will store the contents on disk for future reference.

For repairs regarding dental equipment and various medical components please visit JBM Dental, a part of ERC.